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Q.1- Biotin is a coenzyme for reactions involving:

A) Decarboxylation                                                    

B) Carboxylation

C) Transamination                                                     

D) Deamination                     

E) Transmethylation

Q.2- Folic acid is important for which of the following processes?

A) Fatty acid oxidation                                                           

B) Fatty acid synthesis

C) Gluconeogenesis                                                   

D) One carbon metabolism

E) Glycogenesis                      

Q.3- Sideroblastic anemia is observed in the deficiency of which of the following?

A) Thiamine                                                               

B) B6

C) B12                                                                                    

D) Niacin

E) Vitamin K                           

Q.4- Xanthurenic acid excretion (Tryptophan loading ) test is carried out to determine the deficiency of:

A) Riboflavin                                                              

B) B6

C) Niacin                                                                    

D) Biotin      

E) B12             

Q.5- A 45-year-old chronic alcoholic male has been brought to medical emergency in a semi-conscious state. Blood lactate level is high. Which of the following vitamins can be used as a part of the treatment?

A) Vitamin C                                                               

B) Vitamin B12

C) Thiamine                                                               

D) Folic acid   

E) Pantothenic acid                

Q.6- Which of the following is the coenzyme form of Thiamine?

A) TPP (Thiamine pyrophosphate)                                                                 

B) TMP (Thiamine mono phosphate)

C) TTP  (Thiamine triphosphate)                                                                    

D) Free thiamine

E) TAD (Thiamine adenine dinucleotide).     

Q.7- A 20-year-old male presents with hypertension. He has been prescribed a drug that work by inhibiting the synthesis of catecholamines. Which of the following vitamins participates in the synthesis of catecholamines?

A) Vitamin C                                                               

B) Vitamin B12

C) Niacin                                                                    

D) Folic acid                           

E) Biotin

Q.8-Which of the following is aTPP dependent enzyme?

A) Lactate dehydrogenase                                         

B) Glucokinase

C) Transketolase                                                        

D) Glutathione reductase

E) Glutamate dehydrogenase

Q.9- A 30- year-old pregnant female presents to her obstetrician for a prenatal visit. She has been conscious of her weight gain and has not been taking a multivitamin. Her red blood cells are found to have decreased Glutathione reductase function. Glutathione reductase requires:

A) TPP                                                                         

B) Pyridoxine

C) Riboflavin                                                              

D) B12

E) Pantothenic acid                                        

Q.10- Which of the following is required as a coenzymes in the conversion of Histidine to Histamine?

A) TPP                                                                         


C) Vitamin C                                                               

D) Pyridoxal phosphate

E) Folic acid    

Key to answers

1)      B

2)      D

3)      B

4)      B

5)      C

6)      A

7)      A

8)      C

9)      C

10)   D



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