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Q.1- Name the disease which results from a deficiency of hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase. Briefly describe the symptoms.

Q.2- Describe two diseases caused by abnormal nucleotide metabolism and explain their biochemical basis.

Q.3- Outline briefly how deoxythymidylate can be synthesized from uridylate.

Q.4- Briefly describe the biochemical basis of the following (a) Lesch Nyhan syndrome (b) Orotic aciduria.

Q.5- Explain how azaserine and sulfonamides inhibit purine nucleotide synthesis?

Q.6- Describe 2 savage pathways for purines

Q.7-Describe the role of folic acid in the nucleotide biosynthesis and describe the step which is inhibited by Methotrexate, an anticancer drug.

Q.8- Describe the steps and regulation of Pyrimidine biosynthesis and highlight the site of defect for orotic aciduria.

Q.9- What are important differences between Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 1 and II.

Q.10- Deficiency of urea cycle enzymes especially Ornithine Trans Carbamoylase leads to Orotic aciduria, explain the biochemical basis for this finding.

Q.11- Uridine and Cytidine are given as a part of treatment for orotic aciduria. What is the biochemical basis for this supplementation?

Q.12- Describe the steps of degradation of Purines and discuss the clinical significance if any of this pathway.

Q.13- What is gout? Discuss the causes, clinical manifestation and treatment of gout.

Q.14- Name the enzymes, the abnormal activities of which can cause hyperuricemia; explain the reactions catalyzed and discuss the basis for hyperuricemia in each of these conditions.

Q.15-Explain the biochemical basis of hyperuricemia in chronic alcoholism

Q.16- Explain the biochemical basis of hyperuricemia upon excessive fructose / fruit ingestion

Q.17- Explain the biochemical basis of hyperuricemia in Von-Gierke’s disease.

Q.18- Show by means of a reaction the conversion of Ribonucleotides to deoxy Ribonucleotides.

Q.19-Show the steps of conversion of IMP(Inosine mono phosphate) to AMP (Adenosine monophosphate and  GMP (Guanosine mono phosphate).

Q.20 -Show by means of reaction the counter regulation in the  de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides.






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