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Chapter 6- HMP pathway

Q.1- What is HMP pathway? Explain in detail the steps of this pathway.

Q.2- Enlist the important differences between Glycolysis and HMP pathway.

Q.3- The pentose phosphate pathway is active in liver, adipose tissue,adrenal cortex, thyroid, erythrocytes, testis, and lactating mammary glands. Why is this pathway less active in nonlactating mammary glands and skeletal muscles?

Q.4- Discuss the regulation of HMP pathway.  Under what conditions is this pathway stimulated or inhibited?

Q. 5- Glucose 6-phosphate is metabolized by both the glycolytic pathway and the pentose phosphate pathway. How is the processing of this important metabolite partitioned between these two metabolic routes?

Q.6 – Discuss the metabolic significance of HMP pathway.

Q.7- What are the predominant pathways of Glucose utilization in Erythrocytes? Give the significance of each.

Q.8- Is it correct to say that excessive carbohydrate ingestion leads to obesity?

Q. 9- What is the reason that individuals with reduced ability to produce NADPH are at increased risk for specific recurrent infections?

Q.10-  What two products of the linear portion of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway(Oxidative phase) have essential roles in anabolic metabolism? What are these roles?


What is the significance of oxidative phase of HMP pathway?

Q.11- If a patient has glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, why are red blood cells lysed while other cells of the body remain intact? What is the biochemical basis for hemolysis? Why doesn’t this disease show up earlier in life? Give a brief account of the drug induced hemolytic anemia in G6 PD deficiency.


A 34- year-old African –American man was seen with fever and shortness of breath. Shortly afterwards he developed Pancreatitis and was treated with an antibiotic, clindamycin and primaquine. After four days in to this therapy the onset of hematuria was noted. The patient’s Hb fell from 11.0g/dl to 7.4g/dl, his total Bilirubin increased from 1.2 mg/dl to 4.3 mg/dl.

What is the probable diagnosis?

What is the relationship of Primaquine and hemolytic anemia?

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