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Liver function Tests- Choose the correct answer

1)  In prehepatic jaundice Bilirubin/Urobilinogen is detected in urine.    


2)  In post hepatic jaundice Bilirubin/Urobilinogen is detected in urine.


3)  Bilirubin/Biliverdin is the first pigment to be formed.   

(Biliverdin )                   

4)  Both Bilirubin and urobilinogen are detected in urine in hepatic/post hepatic jaundice. 

(Hepatic jaundice)                                                                                     

5)  Vitamin K deficiency is not encountered in prehepatic/post hepatic jaundice.

(Prehepatic jaundice)

6)  Serum Albumin/Globulin levels are increased in chronic liver disorders. 


7)  Prothrombin time is decreased /increased in liver disorders.


8)  Blood Glucose/Galactose level would increase in Galactose Tolerance test in a normal individual.  


9)  Blood Glucose/Galactose level would increase in Galactose Tolerance test in a patient with liver disorder.  


10)  Serum total cholesterol level increases /decreases in obstructive jaundice. 


11)  Benzoic acid conjugates with Cysteine/ Glycine for the formation of Hippuric acid.   


12)  ALP/ALT rises in obstructive liver disorders.   

 (ALP-Alkaline Phosphatase)

13)  ALP/ALT rises in viral hepatitis.  

(ALT-  Alanine amino Transferase)                                                 

14)   AST/ALT would rise more in alcoholism. 

(AST-Aspartate amino Transferase)              

15) Pale/Dark colored stools are observed in haemolytic jaundice.

(Dark colored)

16)  Pale/Dark coloured stools are observed in  obstructive jaundice.

(Pale- In fact Clay coloured) 

17) Vitamin B2/B12 is stored in liver.

( B12)

18)  Normal blood ammonia level should be 40-70 µg/dl /10-40 µg/dl.

(40-70 µg/dl) 

19) Indirect/Direct positive Van den Bergh reaction is observed in haemolytic jaundice.   

(Indirect positive)                                                                                      

20)   Indirect/Direct positive Van den Bergh reaction is observed in post hepatic jaundice.  

(Direct positive)                                                                                      

21)   In cirrhosis of liver blood urea/ammonia would be higher than normal.

(Blood Ammonia)

 22)  Normal prothrombin time is 14 seconds/minutes.  

(14 seconds)                 

23) Plasma fibrinogen level decreases/increases in advanced liver cirrhosis.


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One Response to Solution to questions from liver function tests

  • Dear students,
    Most frequently asked subjective questions in Liver function Tests are-
    1) Principle, procedure and interpretation of-
    a) Galactose Tolerance test
    b) Vanden Bergh Reaction
    c) Hippuric acid excretion test
    d) CSF glutamine estimation test
    e) Prothrombin time
    f) BSP retention test
    2)Short note on-
    a) Serum enzymes in liver disorders
    b) Tests based on synthetic functions of liver
    You should know the functions of liver as well.
    These are must know things, but you should study the whole chapter throughly .