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Q.1- 20 Multiple Choice questions                                          

Q.2- Justify the following statements giving complete details

a) “Presence of Oxygen is an absolute requirement for the functioning of electron transport chain”

 b)“TCA cycle is vital to life and is amphibolic in nature”    

c) “Although chemical processes involved are the same but Fatty acid oxidation is not simply a reversal of fatty acid synthesis.

Q.3-Discuss the following-

a) General structure and classification of lipoproteins         

b) Isoenzymes and their clinical significance

 c)Iron absorption                                                                            

Q.4- Describe the significance and details of the reaction catalyzed by each of the following         

a) Acetyl coA carboxylase

b) HMG Co A reductase

c) Phospho enol pyruvate carboxy kinase    

d) Transketolase

e)  UDP Glucuronyl Transferase                                               

Q.5- Discuss the biochemical defect, clinical manifestations and laboratory diagnosis of-

 a)Diabetic ketoacidosis   

 b) Refsum disease

 c) Scurvy                                                                                                

Q.6- Explain the biochemical basis of the following-           

 a) Excessive ingestion of fruit or sucrose containing diet can cause hyperlipidemia and Hyperuricemia       

 b) Vitamin B12 and folic deficiencies always coexist.

 c) Carnitine deficiency can cause non ketotic hypoglycemia 

 d) Complete oxidation of glucose in skeletal muscles yields 36 ATP molecules while in other tissues the yield is 38 ATPs.      

 e)  Hypoglycemia, Hyperuricemia and ketosis are commonly observed in Von Gierke’s disease.        

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