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Q.1-  20 Multiple Choice questions on a separate sheet.                   

Q.2- Give a diagrammatic representation of each of the followings-

i) ATP synthase complex              

ii) Visual Cycle                   

iii) Carnitine shuttle

Mention the functional/clinical significance of each of them.    

 Q.3- a) Give a brief account of the role of niacin as a coenzyme, highlight the important reactions and  mention the names of the enzymes requiring niacin as a coenzyme. What would be the clinical implications of its deficiency?

b) Give a brief description of the abnormalities that can lead to fatty liver formation. Support your answer by a suitable flow chart or a diagram summarizing the mechanisms involved in fatty liver formation.  

Q.4-a) Enlist the important non carbohydrate precursors of Glucose and show the entry of any two of them in the main pathway of gluconeogenesis.                              

b) Give a detailed description of the factors that affect the enzyme activity in vivo.

Support your answer by suitable graphs or diagrams.                                     

Q.5- Write short note on-

a) Phase 1 reactions of detoxification

b) Steps and regulation of cholesterol synthesis

c) Glucose- Alanine cycle                                                                                                

Q.6- Giving the biochemical defect, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis and possible treatment, describe the following diseases-

a) Alkaptonuria                

b) Homocystinuria          

c) Diabetic ketoacidosis           






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