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1) -Which of the following tests is undertaken to differentiate between Glucose and Fructose?

a) Benedict                                                                        

b) Seliwanoff

c) Molisch                                                                           

d) Osazone        

2) – Sphingosine is not present in-

a) Cerebrosides                                                               

b) Sphigomyelin

c) Gangliosides                                                                 

d) Plasmalogen

3)- Glycine and Alanine are the most abundant amino acids in the structure of-

 a) Hemoglobin                                                                                

 b) Insulin

 c) Myoglobin                                                                    

 d) Collagen

4)- Al of the following amino acids are both glucogenic as well as ketogenic except –

a) Isoleucine                                                                     

b) Tyrosine

c) Leucine                                                                           

d) Phenyl alanine

5)-A recently diagnosed hypertensive patient has been prescribed an ACE inhibitor (Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor) which is known to act by lowering Vmax, what is the possible mechanism of inhibition of this drug?

a) Competitive                                                                 

b) Un Competitive

c) Non Competitive                                                        

d) None of the above.

6) –Which out of the followings is not a hemo protein?

a) Tryptophan pyrrolase                                              

b) Myoglobin

c) Tyrosinase                                                                     

d) Cytochrome P450

7)-In general, the porphyrias are inherited in an autosomal dominant manner, with the exception of

a) Acute intermittent porphyria                                               

b) Variegate Porphyria

c) Porphyria Cutanea Tarda                                        

d) Congenital Erythropoietic porphyria

8)-All the following enzymes except one require NADP+ as a coenzyme-

a) Glucose- 6-phosphate dehydrogenase            

b) Malic enzyme              

c) Cytosolic Isocitrate dehydrogenase                   

d) Glucose-6-phosphatase

9) – Epinephrine is formed from nor epinephrine by-

a) Decarboxylation                                                         

b) Methylation                                                                 

c) Transamination                                                           

d) Deamination

10)- Hydrolysis of glutamine is catalyzed by-

a) Glutamate dehydrogenase                                   

b) Transaminase

c) Glutaminase                                                                 

d) None of the above

11)-Epileptiform convulsions in infants are found in the deficiency of-

a) Riboflavin                                                                      

b) Thiamine

c) Niacin                                                                              

d) Pyridoxine

12) –In the fasting state there is considerable release of———– from the muscles.

a) Glycine                                                           

b) Valine

c) Alanine                                                           

d) Glutamic acid

13)- All of the following are synthesized from Glycine except-

a) Heme                                                              

b) Creatine

c) Polyamines                                                   

d) Glutathione

14)-The Transaminase enzyme requires the presence of-

a) Inositol                                                           

b) B6

c) B12                                                                   

d) B2

15)-Which essential nutrient participates as a coenzyme in the transport of high energy electrons and H+ ions during oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondria ?

a) Folic acid                                                        

b) Thiamine

c) Niacin                                                              

d) Ascorbic acid

16)- 5- hydroxy Indole acetic acid is the end product of which metabolite?

a) Serotonin                                                      

b) Melatonin     

c) Tyrosine                                                         

d) Histidine

17) –The coenzyme derived from Riboflavin is required by which of the following enzymes?

a) Lactate dehydrogenase                          

b) Glutamate dehydrogenase

c) Acyl co A dehydrogenase                       

d) Malate dehydrogenase

18)-Which of the following vitamins serves an antioxidant function and has a relation to selenium metabolism

a) Vitamin A                                                      

b) Vitamin C

c) Vitamin D                                                       

d) Vitamin E

19) – All of the following vitamins except one participate in the TCA cycle-

a) Pantothenic acid                                        

b) Lipoic acid

c) Folic acid                                                        

d) Riboflavin      

20) –The major metabolic product produced under normal circumstances by erythrocytes and by muscle cells during intense exercise is recycled through liver in the Cori cycle. The metabolite is-

a) Oxaloacetate                                                               

b) Alanine                                                                                          

c) Lactate                                                            

d) Glycerol


Key to Answers

1)-b, 2)- d, 3)- d, 4)- c, 5)- c, 6)- c, 7)- d, 8)- d, 9)- b, 10)- c, 11)- d, 12)- c, 13)- c, 14)- b, 15)- c, 16)- a, 17)- c, 18)- d, 19)- c, 20)- c.

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