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Q.1- The alpha helix rises per turn a distance of –

a) 0.54 nm                                                                          

b) 1.5 nm

c) 3 nm                                                                

d) 1.83 nm                          

Q.2- An antibiotic peptide out of the following-

a) Bleomycin                                                                     

b) Penicillin

c) Microcystine                                                                

d) Creatine                        

Q.3- Which protein out of the given has a length: width ratio >10?

a) Hemoglobin                                                                 

b) Myoglobin

c) Fibrinogen                                                                     

d) Albumin                         

Q.4- Which of the following amino acids is abundantly found in collagen?

a) Glycine                                                           

b) Serine

c) Alanine                                                                           

d) Tryptophan                  

Q.5- Choose the incorrect statement about peptide bond out of the following?

a) Partial double bond character                              

b) Stable

c) Trans in configuration                                               

d) Charged and polar     

Q.6- Which out of the following is a confirmatory test for Tryptophan?

a) Sakaguchi test                                                             

b) Ninhydrin test

c) Hopkin Cole test                                                         

d) Millon’s test                 

Q.7- Pulses contain incomplete protein since they lack-

a) Lysine                                                                             

b) Tryptophan

c) Phenyl alanine                                                             

d) Methionine                  

Q.8- All of the following are interactions that stabilize the tertiary structure of a protein except-

a) Vander Waal’s                                                             

b) Hydrogen

c) Peptide                                                                          

d) Ionic                                

Q.9- Which out of the following is NOT a non standard amino acid?

a) Hydroxy Proline                                                          

b) Beta Alanine

c) Ornithine                                                                       

d) Arginine         

Q.10- Choose the right set of amino acids in the structure of Glutathione-

a) Glutamine- Glycine-Cysteine

b) Cysteine-Glycine- Glutamic Acid

c) Glutamic acid- Glycine- Cysteine

d) Glutamic acid- Cysteine- Glycine                                                                         

Q.11- Which out of the following is not a conjugated protein?

a) Albumin                                                                         

b) Low density lipoprotein

c) Glycoprotein                                                                

d) Visual purple                               

Q.12- Which out of the following features is not observed at isoelectric pH of a protein?

a) Maximum solubility                                                  

b) Minimum Electrophoretic migration

c) Maximum precipitation                                           

d) Maximum Viscosity  

Q.13- Which out of the following is a set of hydrophobic amino acids?

a) Aspartic acid- Valine- Isoleucine

b) Arginine- Lysine- Methionine

c) Hydroxy proline- Histidine- Glutamine

d) Valine- Methionine- Isoleucine                                                           

Q.14- Choose the incorrect statement out of the following-

a) Only L amino acids are found in the biological system

b) Glycine is optical inactive

c) Tyrosine is a modified amino acid

d) Seleno cysteine is 21 st amino acid                                                                     

Q.15- Which out of the following amino acids is a precursor of niacin (Vitamin)?

a) Tyrosine                                                                         

b) Threonine

c) Tryptophan                                                                   

d) Phenyl alanine             

Q.16- Which of the following peptides is cyclic in nature?

a) Glutathione

b) Gramicidin-S

c) Met encephalin

d) Leuencephalin                                                                                                            

Q.17- Which out of the following amino acids is a precursor of a mediator of allergies and inflammation?

a) Histidine

b) Tyrosine

c) Phenyl Alanine

d) Tryptophan                                                                                                                  

Q.18-The most potent vasoconstrictor peptide out of the following is-

a) Vasopressin                                                                 

b) Angiotensin II

c) Bradykinin                                                                     

d) Angiotensinogen                                                                                                       

Q.19- Which of the following amino acids is detected by Sakaguchi test?

a) Tyrosine                                                                         

b) Tryptophan

c) Alpha amino acids                                                      

d) Arginine                                                                                                                         

Q.20- Which out of the following protein does not possess a quaternary structure?

a) Myoglobin                                                                    

b) Lactate dehydrogenase

c) Immunoglobulin M                                                    

d) Creatine Phospho Kinase


Key to Answers

1)- a, 2)-b, 3)-c, 4)-a, 5)-d, 6)-c, 7)-d, 8)-c, 9)-d, 10)-d,11)-a, 12)-a,13)-d,14)-c,15)-a, 16)-b,17)-a,18)-b,19)-d, 20)-a.

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