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1. Which of the following are the ketone bodies?

a) Acetyl co A and Propionyl co A

b) Lecithin and Lysolecithin

c) Acetoacetate and Betahydroxy butyrate

d) Pyruvate and lactate

e) Succinyl co A and succinate

2. The enzyme ‘Thiolase’ catalyzes the conversion of-

a) 2 Acetyl co A to Acetoacetyl co A

b) Acetyl co A to Malonyl co A

c) Fatty acid to Fatty Acyl co A

d) Succinyl co A to succinate

e) Propionyl co A to D- Methyl malonyl co A

3. In contrast to secondary bile salts, which of the following is characteristic of primary bile salts?

a) Are hydroxylated at carbon 7

b) Have an oxidized side chain

c) Form co A derivatives

d) Can be conjugated to Glycine or Taurine

e) Are reabsorbed in the intestine

4. Which of the following statements best describes the fatty acid synthase complex?

a) Is a dimer of dissimilar subunits

b) is composed of 7 different proteins

c) Dissociates in to eight different proteins

d) Catalyzes 8 different enzymatic steps

e) Is composed of covalently linked enzymes

5. The end product of fatty acid synthesis in mammals is –

a) Arachidonic acid

b) Linoleic acid

c) Stearic acid

d) Palmitic acid

e) Erucic acid

6. Which enzyme often mal functions in diseases associated with the symptoms of high blood triglyceride levels and Steatorrhea?

a) Phospholipase D

b) Lipoprotein lipase

c) Thiokinase

d) Acetyl co A carboxylase

e) Pancreatic lipase

7. Which enzyme is an allosteric regulator of another enzyme on the list ?

a) Acetyl co A carboxylase

b) Pancreatic lipase

c) Carnitine acyl transferase-1

d) Acetyl transacylase

e) Keto acyl synthase

8. A new-born has severe respiratory problems. Over the next few days it is observed that the baby has severe muscle problems, demonstrates little development, and has neurological problems. A liver biopsy reveals a very low level of acetyl co A carboxylase, but normal levels of the enzymes of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, the citric acid cycle, and the pentose phosphate pathway. What is the most likely cause of infant’s respiratory problems ?

a) Low level of phosphatidyl choline

b) Biotin deficiency

c) Ketoacidosis

d) High level of citrate

e) Glycogen depletion

9. In cystic fibrosis, the pancreatic ducts become obstructed by viscous mucus. Consequently digestion of which of the following substances would be most impaired ?

a) Starch

b) Glycogen

c) Cellulose

d) Lipids

e) Maltose

10. Insulin promotes which of the following ?

a) Transport of glucose in to cells

b) Conversion of Triacyl glycerol to diacylglycerol

c) Fatty acid oxidation

d) Decreased activity of lipoprotein lipase

e) Increased blood glucose level

11.Dicarboxylic aciduria is a defect associated with impaired-

a) Alpha oxidation of fatty acids

b) Beta oxidation of fatty acids

c) Fatty acid synthesis

d) Omega oxidation of fatty acids

e) de novo cholesterol synthesis

12. In alpha oxidation which of the following products is released ?

a) Co A

b) CO2

c) H2O

d) Acetyl co A

e) Malonyl co A

13. A 2 year -old boy has been diagnosed with Zellweger syndrome, a disorder caused by malformation of peroxisomes. The oxidation of which of the following fatty acids is impaired in this defect ?

a) Palmitic acid

b) Unsaturated fatty acids

c) Very long chain fatty acids

d) Branched hail fatty acids

e) Cyclic fatty acids

14. A 15-year-old female has been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. In this patient breakdown of fatty acids is required to provide energy. Prior to fatty acid oxidation activation of fatty acid takes place in the cytosol. Which of the following is the product of fatty acid activation ?

a) ATP

b) Co A

c) Fatty acyl Co A

d) Carnitine

e) Malonyl co A

15. Tangier disease is a disease of cholesterol transport. The first case was identified in a patient who lived on the island of Tangier and who had characteristic  orange-colored tonsils, a very low HDL and an enlarged liver and spleen. Due to mutation in a transport protein, cholesterol cannot properly exit the cell to bind to apo A. Which of the following is the most important risk factor for such patients due to deceased level of HDL ?

a) Diabetes mellitus

b) Atherosclerosis

c) Cataract

d) Ketosis

e) Fatty liver

16. A 40 -year-old man presents with severe pain in his legs upon walking. He is diagnosed with atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries of his legs. High levels of cholesterol and LDL contribute to the formation of atherosclerosis. The oxidized form of LDL triggers the process of atherosclerosis. Which of the following is the most important structural component of LDL?

a) Apo B48

b) Apo B 100

c) Apo A

d) Apo C

e) Apo E

17. A 30 -year-old man has been diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia, a disorder caused by a deficiency of LDL receptors. Which of the following statements best describes the status of these patients ?

a) Serum cholesterol decreases

b) Excessive cholesterol is released by HDL

c) Cholesterol synthesis by hepatocytes is increased

d) Number of LDL receptors on the surface of hepatocytes increase

e) After binding to LDL receptors, LDL is rapidly degraded

18. A 25-year-old woman presents with a low red blood cell count, corneal opacities and kidney insufficiency. She is diagnosed with Lecithin :Cholesterol acyl transferase(LCAT) deficiency. Which of the following is LCAT involved in ?

a) Converting cholesterol to cholesteryl ester

b) Transfer of cholesterol to other lipoproteins

c)  Degradation of HDL in liver

d) Degradation of chylomicrons

e) Decreased uptake of cholesterol by hepatocytes

19. A 34-year-old female has been diagnosed with type 1 hyperlipidemia. Which of the following lipoprotein concentration is elevated in such disorder ?


b) IDL

c) LDL

d) Chylomicrons

e) All of the above

20. Abundance of which of the following inhibits beta oxidation of fatty acids ?

a) ATP

b) Long chain fatty acids

c) Malonyl co A

d) Citrate

e) Acetyl co A

Key to answers

1) – c

2)- a

3)- a


5)- d

6)- e

7)- a

8)- a

9)- d

10)- a

11)- b

12)- b

13)- c

14)- c


16)- b

17)- c

18)- a

19)- d

20)- c

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