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Q.1- Which of the following is not a disaccharide?

a) Hyaluronic acid                                            

b) Maltose

c) Lactose                                           

d) Sucrose                                                          

Q.2- What is the molecular formula of Glucose?

a) CH3OH                                            

b) C12H22O11

c) C6H1206                                                            

d)  C6H12O5                                           

Q.3-Sucrose is composed of which two sugars?

a) Glucose and Glucose                                

b) Glucose and Fructose

c) Glucose and Galactose                            

d) Fructose and Galactose                            

Q.4- In which of the following forms Glucose is stored in plants?

a) Starch                                             

b) Dextrins

c) Glycogen                                        

d) Cellulose                                         

Q.5-Which out of the following is a Carbohydrate with no nutritional value?

a) Glycogen                                       

b) Starch

c) Dextrin                                                           

d) Cellulose                                                         

Q.6- Choose a sugar out of the following that is non reactive to Seliwanoff reagent?

a) Sucrose                                          

b) Fructose

c) Inulin                                                                               

d) Ribose                                                              

Q.7- Choose a keto triose-

a) Glyceraldehyde                                          

b) Dihydroxyacetone

c) Erythrose                                                       

d) Arabinose                                                       

Q.8- A pentose sugar present in the heart muscle is-

a) Xylose                                            

b) Xylulose

c) Lyxose                                           

d) Aldose                                               

Q.9- d -Glucose and l- Glucose are-

a)Stereo isomers                                         


c) Keto- Aldose Isomers                               

d) Optical isomers                                             

Q.10- All the following tests are positive for Lactose except-

a) Benedict                                                        

b) Barfoed

c) Molisch                                                           

d) Osazone                                          

Q.11- Glucose can have — isomers due to the presence of 4 asymmetric carbon atoms-

a) 4                                                                          

b) 2

c) 12                                                 

d) 16                                                       

Q.12- Fructose and Ribulose are-

a) Epimers                                                          

b) Anomers

c) Ketoses                                           

d) Ketose- Aldose isomers                             

Q.13- The compounds having same structural formula but differing in configuration around one carbon atom are called-

a) Optical isomers                                           

b) Anomers

c) Stereo isomers                                            

d) Epimers                                           

Q.14- What does the following equation represent?

α-D Glucose +112ο→+52.5 ο →  +19 ο β- D glucose

a) Stereoisomerism                                       

b) Optical isomerism

c) Mutarotation                                               

d) Epimerization                                                

Q.15- The carbohydrate of honey is

a) Fucose                                            

b) Maltose

c) Lactose                                             

d) Fructose                                                          

Q.16- Mannonic acid is a-

a) Sugar acid                                                      

b) Deoxy sugar     

c) Amino sugar                                                 

d) Sugar alcohol                                                 

Q.17- Which of the following is not a monosaccharide with 5 carbon atoms?

a) Arabinose                                                     

b) Trehalose

c) Xylulose                                                         

d) Ribulose                                          

Q.18- Which of the following gives a brown color on reaction with iodine?

a) Starch                                            

b) Glycogen

c) Dextrin                                          

d) Cellulose                                         

Q.19-Invert sugar is-

a) Starch                                            

b) Fructose

c) Glucose                                          

d) Hydrolytic product of Sucrose              

Q.20- Which out of the following is a structural homopolysaccharide?

a) Hyaluronic acid                                              

b) Chitin

c) Inulin                                                 

d) Starch                               


Key to Answers

1) -a,  2)-c, 3)-b, 4)-a, 5) -d, 6)- d, 7)- b, 8)-c, 9)-d, 10)- b,11) -d, 12)-c, 13)-d, 14)- c,15)-d, 16)-a,17)-b, 18)- b, 19)- d, 20)- b.

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