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Q.1- Choose the incorrect statement out of the following for human immune deficiency virus

a) The reverse transcriptase enzyme is characteristic feature of retroviruses

b) p10 is a protease that cleaves gag precursor

c) p32 is an Integrase

d) gag encodes for the lipid bilayer of the virus.

Q.2- The specific binding of HIV to the CD 4 surface molecules of the host cell membrane is brought about by-

a) gp 120                                             

b) gp 41

c) p32                                                 

d) p55

Q.3- All of the following except one are CD 4 + cells.

a) Monocytes                                      

 b) T –helper cells

c) T-Cytotoxic cells                             

 d) Macrophages

Q.4- Which immune marker is present during the window period of HIV infection?

a) p24 antigen                                    

b) Antibodies to gp 120

c) Antibodies to gp 41                        

d) p17 antigens

Q.5. Which out of the following is a preferred mode of transmission of HIV infection from mother to child?

a) During pregnancy through placenta

b) During delivery through mixing of blood

c) Through breast milk during lactation

d) All of the above.

Q.6-Which out of the following are the high risk subjects for acquiring HIV infection?

a) Professional sex workers                

b) Drug addicts

c) Persons getting repeated blood transfusions

d) All of the above

Q.7- The pol gene does not encode for which of the following enzymes?

a) Protease

b) Integrase

c) Reverse Transcriptase

d) RNA polymerase

Q.8-Which of the following best describes the role of Reverse transcriptase?

a) For the synthesis of RNA from genomic RNA

b) For the synthesis of DNA from genomic DNA

c) For the synthesis of DNA from genomic RNA

d) For the synthesis of mRNA from Host DNA.

Q.9- Choose the odd one out –

a) gag                                                  

b) tat

c) nif                                                   

d) rev

Q.10-Which statement best describes the basis for failure to produce a vaccine against HIV

a) HIV is a highly mutable virus

b) HIV Integrase its genome in to the host DNA, hence protected from immune system

c) HIV is not killed only by humoral response, cellular immunity is also required

d) All of the above.

Q.11-A gynaecologist while doing a caesarean section for an HIV positive female  got accidentally pricked by a needle.  After 2 weeks of acquiring the infection the serum sample was sent for analysis, which of the following markers might have been positive for confirmation of diagnosis?

a) p24                                                 

 b) viral RNA

c) Free virus                                        

 d) All of the above.

Q.12-An HIV positive male presented to the emergency with fever, pneumonia and oral thrush. The attending physician described that all the presenting symptoms are due to underlying collapsed immune system. What is the possible cause for immune incompetence?

a) T-c cells remain inactive cell mediated immunity is compromised                                 

b) NK cells are depleted; cancer and virally infected cells are not removed

c)T-helper cells are depleted, all components of immune system are paralyzed

d) All of the above.

Q.13- At present the reasonable approach to initiate antiretroviral therapy to any one is–

a)All symptomatic patients

b) Pregnant women

c) CD 4 count below 350U/L

d) Any of the above.

Q.14- Viral nucleic acids can be detected by which of the following techniques?

a) ELISA                                              

 b) Western Blotting

c) PCR                                                  

 d) viral isolation

Q.15- Which of the following is not a rapid test for the diagnosis of HIV infection?

a) Dot Blot Assay                                 

 b) Particle agglutination test

c) Western Blotting                             

 d) HIV spot and comb test

Q.16- Western Blotting is considered a gold standard for the confirmation of HIV infection. Which statement best describes the basis?

a) It is a rapid and sensitive test

b) It can detect antigen and antibodies simultaneously

c) Antibodies against gag and env are simultaneously detected

d) None of the above.

Q.17-The best treatment for HIV infection is

a) Reverse transcriptase inhibitors

b) Protease Inhibitors

c) Integrase inhibitors

d) Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART)

Q.18- Which structural component of HIV is required for cell –cell fusion ?

a) p 24

b) gp 41

c) gp 120

d) p32




2)- a

3)- c

4)- a

5)- d

6)- d

7)- d

8)- c

9)- a


11)- d

12)- d

13)- d

14)- c





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