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Q.1-Give the details of the reaction catalyzed by each of the following enzymes

a) Fructokinase

b) Glyceraldehyde-3- phosphate dehydrogenase

c) Aconitase

d) Malic enzyme

e) Xylitol dehydrogenase

f) Phosphoglycerate mutase

g) Hexokinase

h) UDP- Glucuronyl transferase

i) UDP- G dehydrogenase

j) Galactose-1-phosphate Uridyl transferase

Q.2- Mention the defect in each of the following diseases

a) Essential Pentosuria

b) Von-Gierke’s disease

c) Hereditary Fructose Intolerance

d) Benign Galactosemia

e) Classical Galactosemia

f) Amylopectinosis

g) Favism

h) McArdle’s syndrome

Q.3- Name the enzyme for each of the following reactions

1) UDP Glucose ————- ———>  UDP-Glucuronic acid.

2) Phospho enol Pyruvate————> Pyruvate

3)  3-phosphoglycerate<————–>1,3 Bisphosphoglycerate

4) Pyruvate<—————————-> Lactate

5) Pyruvate——————————>Alanine

6) Pyruvate——————————> Oxalo acetate

 7) Pyruvate ————————–.–> Acetyl co A

8) Pyruvate——————————-> Malic acid

9) Fumarate—————————–> Malate

10) Fructose—————————–> Fructose-1- phosphate

11) Fructose-1- phosphate————> Glyceraldehyde + Dihydroxy acetone phosphate

12)1,3 Bisphosphoglycerate———->2,3 Bisphosphoglycerate    

13) Glucose——————————> Sorbitol

14) Sorbitol——————————–>Fructose

15) Glucose-1-P + UTP——————>UDP glucose+PPi

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