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Q.1- Which out of the  following alcohols  is used for waxes

a) Cholesterol                                                                   

b) Glycerol

c)  Cetyl Alcohol                                                               

d) Sphingol                                        

Q.2- Choose the Dienoic fatty acid out of the following-

a) Oleic acid                                                                       

b) Linoleic acid

c) Linolenic acid                                                                

d) Stearic acid                                   

Q.3- Which of the following lipids is abundantly present in the white matter of brain?

a) Galactocerebroside                                                  

b) Glucocerebroside

c) Triglycerides                                                                 

d) Gangliosides                                

Q.4- Which out of the following is not a Glycerophospholipid?

a) Cardiolipin                                                                     

b) Plasmalogen

c) Lecithin                                                                           

d) Sphingomyelin                            

Q.5- Which out of the following enzymes is defective in Gaucher’s disease?

a) β- Glucocerebrosidase                                            

b) Hexosaminidase A

c) Sphingomyelinase                                                     

d) β- Galactocerebosidase          

Q.6- Choose the Glycerophospholipid that acts as a precursor for second messenger-

a) Phosphatidyl choline                                                

b) Phosphatidyl Inositol

c) Phosphatidyl Serine                                                  

d) Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine  

Q.7- Cholesterol is transported from extra hepatic tissues to liver by which of the following lipoproteins?

a) Chylomicrons                                                                               


c) LDL                                                                                   

d) HDL                                                  

8) All are non-essential fatty acids except-              

a)Palmitic acid                                                  

b) Linolenic

c) Oleic acid                                                                       

d) Stearic acid                                   

9) Which out of the following fatty acids is a precursor of prostaglandins?

a) Linoleic acid                                                                  

b) Arachidonic acid

c) Eicosapentaenoic acid                                              

d) Linolenic acid                               

10) Which of the following is an animal sterol?

a)Ergo sterol,                                                                    

b) Stigma sterol,

c) Sitosterol                                                                       

d) Cholesterol                                  

11) Which out of the following is a fatty acid with 16 carbon atoms and one double bond?

a) Palmitoleic acid                                                           

b) Stearic acid

c) Erucic acid                                                                      

d) Elaidic acid                                    

12) Which out of the following is an ώ 6 fatty acid?

a) α Linolenic acid                                                           

b) Elaidic acid

c) Oleic acid                                                                       

d) Arachidonic acid                         

13) A  polar derivative of cholesterol is

a) Bile salt                                                                           

b) Oestrogen

c) Vitamin D                                                                       

d) Progesterone                                              

14) Which type of lipid is a receptor for cholera toxin in the intestine?

a) GM2 Ganglioside                                                       

b) GM1Ganglioside

c) Sphingomyelin                                                            

d) Galactocerebroside                  

15) Acetyl number is a measure of-                                                        

a) Degree of unsaturation of a fat                           

b) Degree of rancidity of a fat

c) Measure of volatile fatty acids in a fat                               

d) Measure of number of –OH groups in a fat

16) All are conditions of hypercholesterolemia except-

a) Anemia,                                                                         

b) Diabetes Mellitus,

c) Hypothyroidism                                                          

d) Nephrotic syndrome                

17) Which out of the following is an inter mediate both for the synthesis of phospholipids and Triacylglycerols?

a) Diacyl glycerol                                                              

b) Cholesterol

c) Choline                                                                           

d) Inositol                                           

18) Which   fatty acid would have the least melting point out of the following-?

a) Stearic acid                                                                   

b) Arachidonic acid

c) Timnodonic acid                                                          

d) Palmitic acid                                 

19) A 3 year child was brought with hepatosplenomegaly and mental retardation. Biopsy reveals accumulation of sphingomyelin. What is the nature of the disease?


b) Niemann Pick’s

c) Krabbe’s                                                                        

d Tay Sach’s                                       

20) Which of the following is not a source of glycerol?

a) Diet                                                                                  

b) Adipolysis

c) Glycolysis                                                                       

d) Glycogenolysis                            

Answer Key

1)- c, 2)-b, 3)-a, 4)-d, 5)-a, 6)-b, 7)-d, 8)-b, 9)-b,10)-d,11)-a,12)-d,13)-a,14)-b,15)-d,16)-a, 17)-a, 18)-c, 19)-b, 20)-d.

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