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Fructose is mainly metabolized through Fructose-1-P pathway. Unlike phosphofructokinase, which is involved in glucose metabolism, fructokinase has no negative feedback system to prevent it from continuing to phosphorylate its substrate, i.e. Fructose to form fructose -1-phosphate, and as a consequence ATP can be depleted,(Figure-1 ) causing intracellular phosphate depletion, and activation of AMP deaminase (Figure -2). AMP deaminase enzyme causes conversion of AMP to IMP (Inosine monophosphate) and is inhibited by inorganic phosphate. Phosphate depletion causes its activation. IMP, is subsequently converted to Hypoxanthine then to Xanthine and finally to Uric acid. Excessive uric acid generation leads to gout or renal stones.


Figure-2- showing the uninhibited formation of uric acid from AMP due to non availability of inorganic phosphate
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