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1- Respiratory quotient (R.Q.) falls in all the following conditions except-

a) Acidosis                                                                          

b) Febrile conditions

c) Diabetes mellitus                                                        

d) Starvation.

2- Choose the incorrect statement about BMR out of the following-

a) BMR is directly related to the surface area     

b) BMR is inversely proportional to the age

c) BMR is increased in warm climate                       

d) Males have higher BMR than age matched females.

3- The percentage of total calories obtained from carbohydrates should be between-

a) 15- 20%                                                                          

b) 20-35%

c) 50-60%                                                                            

d) 5-10%

4- All are true about milk as a diet except-

a) It is low in iron content but rich in calcium, sodium and potassium                                       

b ) The major carbohydrate is lactose

c) The chief proteins are caseinogens and lactalbumin

d) It is rich in vitamin C and D but poor in Vitamin A and Riboflavin.

5- In a child suffering from marasmus which of the following clinical manifestation is not observed?

a) Watery diarrhea with acid stools                         

b) Subnormal temperature

c) Visible peristalsis from thin abdominal wall     

d) Generalized edema.

6- The chemical score of gelatin is –

a) 0                                                                                        

b) 44

c) 60                                                                                      

d) 42.

7- Which of the following has the best chemical score?

a)  Wheat                                                                           

b) Egg

c) Milk                                                                                  

d) Pulses

8- In a person on hunger strike from the past three days which of the following urinary tests would give a positive reaction?

a) Benedict                                                                        

b) Barfoed

c) Rothera                                                                          

d) Biuret.

9- A child has presented with growth retardation, inability to walk and bruises all over the body. Which of the following nutrients should be recommended as a supplement to the diet?

a) Milk                                                                                 

b) Egg yolk

c) Citrus fruits                                                                   

d) Pulses

10- Which of the following has the highest glycemic index?

a) Ice cream                                                                      

b) Cucumber

c) Bread                                                                              

d) Dextrose

11-  All except one are true about the significance of dietary fiber  ?

a) It promotes peristalsis                                             

b) Reduces Cholesterol absorption

c) Increases glycemic index                                        

d) Acts as an anti oxidant

12- Which of the following has the highest Specific dynamic action (SDA) ?

a) Egg                                                                                   

b) Potato

c) Corn oil                                                                           

d) Mango

13- An 8 months-old-child has been brought to the pediatric OPD. The examination reveals a thin lean emaciated child.  There is history of diarrhea and refusal to feeds from the last few days. The child has been diagnosed with ‘marasmus’.  What could have been the source of energy to the brain cells during the period of food deprivation?

a) Glucose                                                                          

b) Fatty acids

c) Ketone bodies                                                             

d) Branched chain amino acids.

14- A 34- year-old female has reported with a history of forgetfulness, loss of hair and cold intolerance. She has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. What would be the effect of this disease on BMR?

a) BMR remains unaltered                                          

b) BMR increases

c) BMR goes down                                                         

d) There is initial rise with a subsequent fall.

15- A 68- year- old male has been brought to the emergency in a state of coma. The patient is a known alcoholic from the past 10 years. A diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy has been made. Which of the following nutrient should be avoided so as to reduce the ammonia formation in the body?

a) Protein                                                                           

b) Carbohydrates

c) Fats                                                                                  

d) Minerals and vitamins

16- An adequate amount of tyrosine can reduce the requirement of Phenyl alanine in the diet, this effect is said to be-

a) Mutual supplementation of nutrients                              

b) Sparing effect

c) Specific dynamic action                                            

d) None of the above.

17- Which of the following is a correct statement to justify the cause of fatty liver in Kwashiorkor?

a) There is more mobilization of lipids from adipose mass

b) There is more synthesis of lipids in the liver

c) There is deficiency of apo B100 protein

d) All of the above.

18- In diabetes mellitus there is reduced oxidation of carbohydrates; what will the effect of insulin administration on RQ ?

a)  It will increase

b) It will decrease

c) No effect

d) Initial rise and then fall

19- Which of the following is not a component of dietary fiber?

a) Cellulose                                                                        

b) Pectin

c) Lignin                                                                               

d) Agar

20- Which of the following nutrients is rich in short and medium chain fatty acids ?

a) Milk                                                                                 

b) Peanut oil

c) Sunflower oil                                                                

d) Almond oil

21- Human most easily tolerate a lack of which of  the  following nutrient ?

a) Protein

b) Carbohydrate

c) Lipids

d) Calcium


Key to answers-1)- a,   2)- c,   3)- c,   4)-d,   5)- d,   6)- a,    7)- b,   8)-c,    9)- c,    10)- d,   11)- c, 12)- a,    13)- c,   14)- c,   15)- a,   16)- b,   17)- c,   18)- a,   19)- d,   20)-a,    21)-b

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