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1) A calorie is defined as the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of:

a) 1 pound of water by 1°F         

b) 1 pound of water by 1°C

c) 1 gram of water by 1°F            

d) 1 gram of water by 1°C

 2) The average adult requirement of calories per day is:

a) 1000-2000                               

b) 1500-2500

c) 2000-3000                               

d) 3000-4000

3) The caloric yield of fats is:

a) 4 calories per gram                 

b) 5 calories per gram

c) 7 calories per gram                 

d) 9 calories per gram

4) Lack of fiber in tube feedings can result in:

a) Constipation                             

b) Nausea and vomiting

c) Aspiration                                 

d) Diarrhea

5) Which of the following compounds can be synthesized in humans?

a) Riboflavin                                 

b) Linoleic acid

c) Thiamine                                    

d) Niacin

6) In which of the following tissues, is glucose the major fuel in prolonged fasting?

a) Muscle                                     

b) Brain

c) Liver                                         

d) Red blood cells

7) Which of the following vitamins is required for the synthesis of NAD+?

a) Riboflavin                                 

b) Pantothenic acid

c) Niacin                                       

d) Vitamin B6

8) Which of the following would be observed after 1 week of starvation?

a) The brain uses glucose and ketone bodies as fuel sources

b) Liver glycogen stores are only partially depleted due to an increase in gluconeogenesis

c) Nitrogen balance is maintained due to release of amino acids from muscle

d) Fatty acids from adipose stores are the major source of fuel for red blood cells.

9) Which of the following would be observed in a person who is resting after an overnight fast?

a) Liver glycogen stores are completely depleted

b) Liver gluconeogenesis is not an important process

c) Muscle glycogen stores are used up for maintenance of blood glucose

d) Fatty acids are released from adipose Triacyl glycerol store.

10) Which of the following vitamins is required for the synthesis of Coenzyme A ?

a) Riboflavin                                 

b) Pantothenic acid

c) Niacin                                       

d) Pyridoxine

11) The energy expended by an individual in a resting, post absorptive state is called-

a) Specific dynamic action           

b) Basal metabolic rate

c) Diet induced thermogenesis    

d) Respiratory quotient

12) Choose the incorrect statement about saturated fatty acids?

a) Fatty acids without any double bond in the side chain are called saturated fatty acids

b) Consumption of saturated fatty acids lowers plasma cholesterol and raises plasma HDL

c) Main sources of saturated fatty acids are dairy and meat products

d) Palmitic and Stearic acids are the chief saturated fatty acids of the body

13) All except one are true about essential fatty acids-

a) Deficiency is characterized by dermatitis, hair loss and poor wound healing

b) Lower Plasma LDL but raise HDL, thus they are cardio protective

c) All of them are polyunsaturated fatty acids

d) Cheese, butter and most of the animal fats are chief sources.

14) Which of the following proteins has low biological value?

a) Egg                                           

b) Milk

c) Gelatin                                     

d) Soy

15) The RDA for carbohydrates is-

a) 130 G/Day                                

b) 45-65 % of the total calories

c) Any of the above                      

d) None of the above

16) Which of the following corresponds to negative nitrogen balance?

a) Growth                                     

b) Pregnancy

c) Trauma                                    

d) Recovery from illness.

17) Which of the followings correspond to positive nitrogen balance?

a) Burns                                        

b) Cancer

c) Hyperthyroidism                      

d) Pregnancy

18) Choose the incorrect statement about Kwashiorkor –

a) Primary energy deficit

b) Associated with edema

c) Skin is hypo pigmented and peels of easily

d) Flag sign is a characteristic finding

19) Basal metabolic rate is low in which of the following conditions-

a) Hypothyroidism                       

b) Hot climate

c) Old age                                    

d) All of the above

20) Which one of the followings contains the highest percentage of mono unsaturated fatty acids?

a) Corn oil                                    

b) Soybean oil

c) Coconut oil                               

d) Olive oil



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