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1) Which of the following food stuffs has shortage of Lysine?

a) Cereals

b) Pulses

c) Milk

d) Fish

2) What is the normal RDA for protein in a balanced diet for a  normal adult?

a) 1G/Kg body weight

b) 10 G/Kg body weight

c) 100G/Kg body weight

d) 50 G/Kg body weight

3) Which of the following nutrients is rich in cholesterol?

a) Fish

b) Egg yolk

c) Pulses

d) Cereals

4) A balanced diet should have the ratio of Carbohydrate: Protein: Fats as-

a) 50:30:20

b) 60:20:20

c) 40:40:20

d) 80:10:10

5) The recommended ratio of Mono unsaturated: Saturated: Poly unsaturated fatty acids in a balanced diet should be-

a) 1:2:1

b) 1:1:1

c) 4:4:4

d) 1:2:3

6) The recommended intake of fats in a balance diet should be—% of the total calories                   

a) 40

b) 20

c) 50

d) 30

7) What is the caloric requirement of a 60 kg person with sedentary life style?

a) 1500

b) 2000

c) 2500

d) 3000

8) What should be the optimum ratio of cereals and pulses in a normal diet?

a) 1:1

b) 5:1

c) 2:4

d) 4:1

9) Which out of the following is not a polyunsaturated fatty acid?

a) α- Linolenic acid

b) Y- Linolenic acid

c) Caproic acid

d) Arachidonic acid

10) Which out of the following is present in animal fat ?

a) Erucic acid

b) Palmitoleic acid

c) Palmitic acid

d) Linoleic acid

11) A respiratory quotient of 0.82 signifies a—- diet

a) Carbohydrate

b) Protein

c) Mixed

d) Vitamin

12) Which of the following is incorrect about BMR?

a) BMR increases in hyperthyroidism

b) BMR is directly proportional to the surface area

c) BMR decreases with the increasing temperature

d) BMR increases during starvation.

13) Which of the following has the maximum specific dynamic action?

a) Gelatin

b) Green peas

c) Bread

d) Butter

14) Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil (rich in oleic acid) lowers the incidence of Ischemic heart disease. Oleic acid is a-

a) Polyunsaturated fatty acid

b) Mono unsaturated fatty acid

c) Type of plant cholesterol

d) Saturated fatty acid

15) Hypoalbuminemia, hypokalemia, Hypomagnesemia and fatty liver are hallmarks of-

a) Electrolyte imbalance

b) Kwashiorkor

c) Marasmus

d) Viral hepatitis

16) High fiber diet-

a) Lowers cholesterol

b) Improves glycemic control

c) Promotes peristalsis

d) All of the above.

17) The daily fiber content in a balanced diet should be-

a) 10 G/day

b) 50 G/day

c) 20 G/day

d) 30G/day

18) Which out of the following nutrients has the lowest glycemic index?

a) Bread

b) Banana

c) Milk

d) Ice cream

19) Choose the incorrect statement about iron out of the followings?

a)Jaggery is a good source

b) Milk is a poor source

c) Papaya is  a rich source

d) Liver is a rich source.

20) All except one are conditions causing negative nitrogen balance

a) Convalescence

b) Hyperthyroidism

c) Burns

d) Surgical trauma.



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