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# Our second web site

Dear viewers,

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the appreciation and acknowledgment of my work. Biochemistry for medics has gained global recognition and it has been made possible by your unconditional support, encouraging words and suggestions.

In a further attempt to facilitate the learning process of students, I have launched another website based on clinical correlations of fundamentals facts of Biochemistry

Biochemistry for Medics- Clinical Cases

This web site emphasizes on discussion of the essentials of Biochemistry with Clinical correlations. The purpose of this web site is to present a clear discussion of Biochemistry in relation to physiological processes occurring at the cellular levels and to cite examples of deviant biochemical processes in different clinical conditions.

Each day a clinical problem is published and the discussion is held next day. In each case detail, fundamentals of the basic defect, entire format of pathophysiology and the clinically relevant details are provided.

The motive of this web site is to not only to inculcate knowledge but also to make students  good clinicians.

I hope that the new introduction would not only simulate a clinical environment but will also help the readers to quickly revise the contents.

I  also hope that this work will be of immense value to those embarking on the exciting experience of learning Biochemistry for the first time and to those who are returning to the subject in which the information is expanding in leaps and bounds. I would look forward to the comments, criticisms and suggestions from students, faculty and professionals who would visit this website.

Kindly follow the link to visit the web site –

Biochemistry for Medics- Clinical cases


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