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Viva Questions

Q.1- Choose the odd one out

Heparin, Heparan, Dermatan, Dextran                                


Q.2- Choose the odd one out

Starch, Glycogen, Chitin, Inulin                                         


Q.3- Which out of the following dextrins does not give color with iodine

Achrodextrins, Erythrodextrins, Amylodextrins                            


Q.4- Name a non sulfated Heteropolysaccharide                

(Hyaluronic acid)

Q.5- Which heteropolysaccharide is used as an anticoagulant       


Q.6- Which sugar acid is used for the detoxification of the foreign compounds?

(Glucuronic acid)

Q.7- Which monosaccharide is used as the preferred source of energy for the brain cells?


Q.8-Which monosaccharide is used as a source of energy for the spermatozoa?


Q.9- Which disaccharide is an intermediate in the hydrolysis of starch?


Q.10- Which monosaccharide is optically inactive?             

(Dihydroxy acetone)

 Q.11- What is odd out of the following four

Glucose, Galactose, Mannose and Fructose                        


Q.12- Choose the ketopentose-

Ribose, Xylose, Xylulose and Arabinose                              


Q.13- Name a six membered sugar alcohol              

(Sorbitol, Mannitol or Galacitol)

Q.14- Name a sugar acid                                        

(Gluconic acid)

Q.15- Name an amino sugar acid                             

(Neuraminic acid)

Q.16- Name an intracellular polysaccharide              


Q.17- D and L isomers differ from each other by orientation around which C atom?

(Penultimate carbon, farthest from the most oxidized C atom)

Q.18- Alpha and Beta anomers differ in orientation around 5 th carbon atom in a hexose- True or false ?                                                                 


Q.19- Malt sugar is———————— ?                      


Q.20-Out of Lactase and Cellulase which enzyme is absent in human beings?


Q.21- Mucic acid is produced from—- ?                   


Q.22- Give an example of Glycosylamine                           


Q.23- Name a sugar alcohol with five carbon atoms           


Q.24- Powder-puff shaped crystals are formed by——        


Q.25- Name two non reducing sugars                               

(Sucrose and Trehalose)

Q.26- Which test is used to differentiate between aldohexose and ketohexose?                                                                              (Seliwanoff test)

Q.27- Benedict’s test is more sensitive than Fehling test. True or false?


Q.28- Glycogen is stored mainly in muscles. True or false?   


Q.29- Name a cardiac Glycoside                              


Q.30- What is milk sugar ?                                               


Q.31- Name the product of reaction of a strong acid on a pentose


Q.32- What are enediols?                    

(Double bonded carbon atoms each having OH group attached)

Q.33- Name a 7 Carbon atoms containing ketose sugar     


Q.34- Name the alcohol produced from the reduction of Glyceraldehyde.


Q.35- How many isomers of Glucose are found in the biological system?

(32, including anomers)

Q.36- Glucuronic acid produced from the reduction or oxidation of Glucose?


Q.37- Dextrin or Dextran, which out of the two is used as plasma expander?


Q.38- Which one is a branched polymer out of the two-

Amylose or Amylopectin?                                        


Q.39- Reddish brown color with iodine is given by which carbohydrate?


Q.40- Which sugar is called as Invert sugar?             


Q.41- Agar is a homo or hetero polysaccharide?                 


Q.42- Keratan or Heparan Sulfate which out of the two does not contain a sugar acid ?

(Keratan sulfate)

Q.43- Name an epimer of Sorbitol                                     


Q.44- Name an epimer of Glucuronic acid                         

(Iduronic acid)

Q.45- How are galactose and fructose related to each other?


Q.46- What is Aglycon?             

(Non carbohydrate component in a glycoside)

Q.47- Maltose is composed of what kind of monosaccharides?

(Glucose – glucose)

Q.48- Name a pentose sugar present abundantly in heart muscle           


Q.49- Name a deoxy sugar                                               

(Deoxy ribose)

Q.50- Name the polysaccharide present in the exoskeleton of insects


Q.51- What type of linkage is present between Galactose and Glucose in Lactose?

β (1→4) glycosidic linkage

Q.52- The compounds having same structural formula but differing in configuration around one carbon atom are called-                                  


Q.53- What type of linkages are present in Glycogen?

(α(1→4) in the chain and α(1→6) at the branch point

Q.54- Name a fructosan                                         


Q.55- Name a Galactosan                                       


Q.56- Name the test for detection of carbohydrates in a solution

(Molisch test)

Q.57- When a hexose is made to react with a strong acid, what is the product called?

  (Hydroxy methyl furfural)

Q.58- How are Mannose and Glucose related to each other?

(C-2 epimers)

Q.59- When both aldehyde and primary alcoholic groups are oxidized in mannose, what is the product called?                                       (Mannaric acid)                

Q.60- Dulcitol is produced from the reduction of which sugar?


Q.61- Name two amino sugars                               

(Glucosamine and Galactosamine)

Q.62- Out of Mucic acid and Muramic acid which one is an amino sugar acid?

(Muramic acid)

Q.63- Name a sugar ester                             

(Glucose 6 phosphate)

Q- 64- Which out of the following will give Bial’s test positive

Glucose, Fructose, ribose                              


Q.65- All except one will exhibit mutarotation?

Sucrose, Maltose, Glucose, Galactose            


Q.66- Out of Pyranose and Furanose ring which one is commonly formed by Fructose ?


Q.67- Which out of the two has more carbohydrate content?

Proteoglycan or Glycoproteins                       


Q.68- Name the storage polysaccharides                 

(Glycogen, Starch, Inulin etc )

Q.69- Cornea is rich in which type of mucopolysaccharides?

(Keratan sulfate)

Q.70 -Name C-4 epimers                              

(Glucose and Galactose)

Q.71- Name a keto triose                             

(Dihydroxy acetone)

Q.72- Name the alcohol produced from the reduction of Fructose

(Sorbitol and Mannitol)

Q. 73- Glucose is the only source of energy for what kind of cells?

 ( Red blood cells and the cells which lack mitochondria )

Q.74- How is Aldonic acid produced from a monosaccharide        

(By the oxidation of aldehyde group of an aldose sugar)

Q.75- What type of linkages are present between glucose residues in Cellulose?

(Beta 1, 4 Glycosidic linkages)

Q.76- Out of all the biologically important mucopolysaccharides which one is the most negatively charged?                                             (Heparin)

Q.77- Which monosaccharide is present as a structural component of RNA?


Q.78- What is dextrose?                               

(D- Glucose)

Q.79- What is table sugar?                                      


Q.80- What is animal starch?                         

( Glycogen )

Q.81- What is Muta rotation ?

Carbohydrates can change spontaneously between alpha and  beta configurations through intermediate open chain formation, this leads to a process known as Mutarotation.

Q.82- Which hexose is an important component of glycoproteins?


Q.83- When equal amount of dextrorotatory and levorotatory isomers are present in a mixture, the mixture is said to be —— ?                           

(Racemic )

Q.84- Glucose when treated with bromine water produces —— ?

(Gluconic acid)

Q.85- Name a glycoside which is an inhibitor of Sodium Potassium ATPase pump.


Q.86- What is the storage form of glucose in plants?


Q.87 – Name an amino sugar acid which is present in gangliosides.

(NANA- N -acetyl Neuraminic acid)

Q.88- Deoxy ribose is synthesized from ribose by removal of oxygen around which carbon atom?                                                                      

( C-2)

Q.89- The carbohydrate of blood group substance is —– ?


Q.90- Which of the following is not a polymer of Glucose?

Cellulose, Inulin. Glycogen, Dextrins                        


Q.91- Which of following is an anomeric pair?

a) D-glucose and L-glucose         b) α-D-glucose and β-D-glucose            

(α-D-glucose and β-D-glucose)

Q.92- Choose the odd one out-

Muramic acid, Mucic acid. Mannaric acid, Mannonic acid     

(Muramic acid)

Q.93- The cyclical structure of Glucose is represented by-

Glucopyranose, Glucofuranose or Glucoside                      


Q.94- What kind of monosaccharides will be produced by lactose hydrolysis?

 (Glucose and Galactose)

Q.95- Name a keto hexose                                                         


Q.96- What is an asymmetric carbon atom?

(A carbon atom with all the four different attachments is called as an asymmetric carbon atom)

Q.97- How many isomers of glyceraldehyde are possible?

 (D and L)

Q.98- How are Ribose and Ribulose related to each other?

 (Aldose, ketose isomers)

Q.99- What is the repeating disaccharide unit in Hyaluronic acid?

(D-glucuronate + GlcNAc) n

Q.100- Name an Aldotetrose which is an intermediate of HMP pathway?

 (Erythrose-4 P )


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