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Biochemistry for Medics- Lecture Notes

This free web site is operated by Professor (Dr.) Namrata Chhabra, a specialist of Medical Biochemistry (M.D.) with a work experience of 29 years, currently working as Head of Department of Biochemistry, at S.S.R. Medical College at Mauritius.

Biochemistry is a highly dynamic subject with a diversity of applications. Mastering the hard fundamental facts is extremely essential to realize the real essence of Biochemistry.

Professor (Dr.) Namrata Chhabra is moving with a mission to make Biochemistry easy, interesting and meaningful.

Through this website, she provides an interactive platform to the students of Biochemistry to understand the simplified correlations of fundamentals facts of biochemistry with the physiological and disease processes.
The students can access the information anytime, anywhere and can freely participate in the interactive sessions.

The web sites provides

-> Comprehensive & Concise Notes
-> MCQs & Answers
-> Case Studies & Solutions
-> Tips for Practical Exams
-> Video Tutorials and animations links
-> PowerPoint Presentations


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