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Author- Biochemistry For Medics- Lecture notes and Biochemistry For Medics- Clinical Cases

Dr. Namrata Chhabra is a distinguished Senior-Level Medical Biochemistry Professional with extensive clinical, instructional, research, and administrative experience within prestigious institutions. Over the course of her career she has developed and conducted numerous courses focused on Chemistry, Biochemistry, Research & Analysis, and various other topics. She carries an award-winning track record in conducting high-caliber research, with complementary qualifications in quality management systems and medical laboratory auditing. She has proven herself committed to improving learning experiences for diverse student populations through strategic administrative leadership and curriculum development. She also serves on various academic and extracurricular committees. She also possesses a lengthy repertoire of relevant publications and presentations. 

She has carved a niche with her simplified yet thought-provoking teaching by virtue of her expertise in teaching field. She is an author of four books and is presently running two personal web sites –

Biochemistry for Medics- Lecture Notes”


Biochemistry for Medics-Clinical Cases–

She aims to make Biochemistry simple, interesting and meaningful. She is eager to employ her extensive skill set to aid organizations in need. 

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