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Case Details

A 35 year -oid female reported to emergency with severe pain in the left flank region, which was radiating towards lower leg and back. The patient was in acute distress and agony. History revealed that she frequently suffered from urinary tract infections and had several such episodes of pain.She further reported that she constantly felt weakness, fatigue and bone pains from the previous few months. There was no history of fever and there was no personal or family history of medical problems.

Her physical examination was normal except for tenderness in the left renal region.

The attending physician ordered for complete blood count, electrolytes and a complete urinalysis.

The laboratory investigation report revealed a normal complete blood count (CBC), and significantly elevated calcium level and low phosphorus level. Urine was cloudy and had plenty of pus cells. The patient was admitted and treated for renal colic.

What is the underlying cause for repeated episodes of renal colic?

What is the most likely diagnosis?

What is the relationship of bone pains and frequent urinary tract infections in this patient?

What is the cause for high serum calcium and low phosphorus level in this patient?

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