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Book  of Spotting

This book is based on reviewing clinical correlations of Biochemical processes. To generate curiosity, the facts have been presented as clinical problems. The discussions are extremely instructive and very interesting. The textual matter is perfectly distributed into segments. The readers can use the information any time from any of the divisions. The beginning part is about the orientation of the readers to the tools of Biochemistry laboratory. The Second division is all about clinical discussions. The learning rule is different, but the main accent in each chapter is to establish a conceptual background ground. Visual, graphic and laboratory interpretations keep the readers engaged to explore the biochemical deviations. The spot questions, revise the entire course of Biochemistry. The third section of self-assessment represents an extract of the whole book. The readers shall use the skills gained through this book to solve the problems and appreciate the process of stress free learning.

I am sure this pattern of active learning would be most welcomed by the students and faculty all over the world.





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